Absolutist Video Poker

Absolutist video poker is another version of the casino video game called Deuces wild. The idea behind the game is to make a certain bet, the amount of which will determine the final payout when the game is over. After that, you are supposed to ask the dealer to give you a set of 5 cards. The cards will present you with a number of options.

The first thing, and that is why they call it Deuces wild, is to hold the cards that will give you pairs. You may also hold those that seem to form some sort of order that could lead to a full house or a flush. However, you can hedge your bets and make careful moves. When you have a high set of cards, you can hold this so you can get a pair of jacks or higher. If you have a pair, you can hold this and hope that you will get another pair.

Anyhow, when you hold the cards, you will then ask the dealer to change the cards for you, and give you new ones. Your final score will depend on the hand that you get. This is a lovely game when you finally get the hang of it. The top of the game has a table that highlights the cards that you are most likely to get. Based on this highlight, you can make an informed decision as to which cards to hold and which ones to discard.

It is all entertaining and you get to see how well you can perform when you actually start playing Deuces Wild using some real money. The free online version is designed to entertain you as well as to teach you some of the basics. Pull up a chair and get a cup of coffee since you will have a great time making your bets on this game.

3 Card Video Poker

The casino is calling your name and a game of video poker awaits you. But what if you have little or no idea of how to play poker? Then 3 Card Poker is just the game for you. The simple rules and playing style are ideal for beginners and still promise to be a lot of fun. You can simply play 3 Card Poker with your mouse and there are a number of different ways of winning.

Since only three cards are dealt, whether you are winning or losing, however, always remains quite clear. If you now take the plunge into the world of poker, you will see the table in front of you and your coins at the bottom, which make up your stakes. You can make a bet by putting a coin down on the sections called “Ante” and “Pair Plus”.

It is also possible to put money down in both sections and thereby stand a double chance of winning. In the game itself, you play against the dealer. You have to make your bet before the cards are handed out to you.

Once you see your cards, you can choose between “play” or “fold”. Fold allows you to limit your damages, as it were, when you see that your cards are no good. Play is about twice the stakes and thus double the win. You will see possible options for the sequences of cards at the top left of the screen. You can read these at any time.

You will get into this game quickly and enjoy being able to compete against the dealer in order to make some money. For more detailed rules for 3 Card video Poker, you can find various instructions on the internet. Are you ready to sniff some casino air?

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