Learn Sports Betting Tehniques

Sports betting tehniques – Discipline is the most important thing you can ever bring to the equation. Bankroll management is where this discipline factor comes in big. Never spend more than 5% of your bankroll on any single match-up no matter how much of a lock you reckon it is. Bet 2-3% as a general rule, and go all the way up to 5% on games you feel strongly about. Never bet more. Always remember that you aim to make money in the long-run, and in order to be able to do that, you have to make sure you stay in the game.

Another very important thing you need to understand is the nature of the game of sports betting tehniques. For that though, you first need to know what mathematic expectation is.

Learn Sports Betting Tehniques

Let`s suppose we both bet on a coin-toss. As long as we both bet the same sum (let`s say $1) the mathematical expectation is 0 for the both of us. The odds are 50-50, and if we play on forever, we`ll never win or lose anything. Now then, if I bet $2 on the same toss and you bet $1, this is how things are going to shape up: on average, I`ll win one bet and lose one bet out of every two coin tosses (50-50 odds on the toss itself). On the first bet I win $1, on the second bet I lose $2.

That is a $1 loss for me on the two bets, which means I have a 50-cent negative mathematical expectation per bet. If we play on for a good while, all you`ll have to do is make sure we play as many bets per hour as possible to maximize the positive EV that you have on your bet.

When the bookmaker balances the action, (gives you the spread) what he basically does is he creates a (more-or-less) 50-50 bet for you to wager on. Let`s say you post $10 on your wager and win. You get your money back, plus the $9.50 which is what you win. (your winnings, minus the vig). Because you`re betting on an (approximately) 50-50 bet, you win one bet and you lose one out of every 2 bets you make.

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That means you`ll lose 50 cents on every pair of bets you make, which means you have a negative expected value of 25 cents per bet. Might not seem like a lot, but over the long-run it`ll eat your bankroll right up. Fortunately, you don`t have to settle for this pattern (as squares often do). By “cuddling” up to one (or more) online bookmakers like VCBET, Blue Square, Stan James, Bet 365 or SPORTINGBET (all these sites were verified by us), you`ll be able to turn the mathematical expectation in your favor.

On one hand, you`ll be able to handicap events and match-ups in a much more efficient manner. You`ll get access to thousands of lines and odds that you`ll be able to compare and use for reverse handicapping. All these sites feature sections in which they analyze games thus giving away precious pointers, often for free. Getting direct, full and real time access to the bookmaker`s lines is what you really need to whip your EV into shape.

It often happens that bettors like one side of a bet much more than the other. Squares will usually flock to one side (they seem to like favs, regardless of other circumstances) thus forcing the bookie to shift his lines a bit in an attempt to balance the bet by making the other side look more attractive. It is in situations like these that the bookie leaves uncovered (hidden) value in the bet, because he`s forced to. Often, the hidden value is so obvious, the bookie himself decides to cover the square money on the other side of it.

As you latch on to some hidden value like this, the bet that you`ll be wagering on is no longer a 50-50 one. You`ll still be laying the odds, but the odds on the bet will be in your favor. This is how sharps make their money, and that is how you could too, by taking advantage of what VCBET, Sportingbet, Blue Square, Stan James or Bet 365 offer you.

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